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  • Medly is built using modern tools and technologies to provide modern look and feel with an incredible depth of features. This does not mean that we used the latest new development toy to come down the pipe, but rather that we used current components and tools with a proven track record for reliability and an adoption rate that ensures the manufacturers will support and enhance these tools and environments for years to come.
  • Medly can be delivered on a variety of platforms. It can be installed in an office and run as a local application, or accessed through an application server from a remote office, or it can be run through a web browser from a laptop or tablet with access to the internet.
  • Medly uses a unique process of data validation at the time of data entry. Many systems have hard-coded rules for required data fields, content type, and allowable values. In addition to our standard validation rules for the typical customer, the user can define additional validation rules, or change our built-in rules, for any data element in the application. These user defined validation rules are processed exactly as the ones we build into the system, and this allows the customer to tune the application for the specific requirements of their practice, the services they provide, and the payers they bill.
  • In addition to data field validation Medly includes medical policy rules that are specific to a combination of the services provided and the payer responsible for the charges. These medical policy rules go beyond data element validation because they look at the medical information for the services, not just if there is a valid value in a data field. Medical policy rules check:
    • Does the diagnosis code support the procedure according to the rules established by the payer?
    • Does the service fall in a global surgical period which disqualifies it for reimbursement?
    • Does the service conform to the Correct Coding Initiative standards?
    • Is the service code and diagnosis code valid for the date of service?
    • Do service modifiers negate a medical policy violation?
  • Medly is ready for ICD-10. Using our Smart Switch™ technology, Medly is equipped to handle the mess this transition will be, and it uses the code set appropriate for the payer and date of service automatically without user intervention.
  • All of the screens and lists in Medly can be customized, re-arranged, and modified to suit the customers’ needs and business requirements through simple drag and drop operations. These customizations can be applied across the enterprise or for a certain user. They can even have multiple versions of a window layout and switch between them with one click. This allows the provider or billing service to make the software fit the workflow of the paperwork and other information flowing into the system.
  • Any entity or data field in Medly can have one or more appearance rules applied to it in the user interface. The product ships with a general purpose set of appearance rules for the most common medical practice situations, but the end user or distribution partner can add or modify these rules to suit their particular needs. These appearance rules are used to provide a greater depth of detail information at all points in the user interface that fits their services and business needs.
  • Medly was designed from the ground up to communicate with other applications and entities. A medical practice today cannot achieve anything near maximum effectiveness with a single software application. A typical practice has an electronic medical record system, a billing system, often other dedicated communications applications connecting the EMR and billing, and sometimes other applications to handle electronic billing, lab interfaces, and equipment interfaces. Medly is designed to handle all of the communications the billing process requires without additional third-party applications. And of course the communication details can be configured and customized to fit the needs of the end user.
  • Workflow automation provides the ability to automate processes in Medly. We deliver the application with a common set of workflows, but the end user or partner can define workflows to automate any process in the system. This allows many tasks that are currently manual labor intensive operations to be completely automated.
  • Medly is delivered under a software assurance plan where we provide all updates to the procedure codes, diagnosis codes, and medical policies through an automatic download process. This ensures that the practice is operating with current code sets and policies and does not require the users to perform additional steps or purchase additional products to keep their data current.
  • Users can define key performance indicators for their practice and group these KPI’s into one or more dashboard views. This allows the users and management to get a snapshot view of their financial performance and productivity quickly and easily. They can drill down into the underlying performance data to see details, print reports, or generate tasks for their staff.
  • Task management is critical for effective medical billing to manage all the follow-up activities required to ensure full payment for services rendered. Medly automates the creation of these tasks and includes management capabilities to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Medly Solutions provides advanced medical practice financial software systems to streamline your workflow and ensure you are paid quickly and correctly for your services, allowing you to focus on patient care.

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